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Download Film From London to Bali 2017 Di Filmkeren21

From London to Bali (2017)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 80 Min

Download Film From London to Bali 2017 Di Filmkeren21 IMDB Films From London to Bali this berceritan about the romance between Benny (Ricky Aaron) and goddesses (Jessica Mila). A when the goddess decided to continue her studies in London. Lukman initially objected to it, but he can’t do anything.

Lukman ever worked with Cowboys (Gary Iskak) in Bali to raise money in order to catch up with the goddess to London. After the make over he introduced with his generation, Bambang (Fico Fachriza) and Sodikin (Muhadkly Acho).

Meanwhile in London, the goddess befriended Suzan (Kimberly Ryder) and get acquainted with Sean (Max Palmer). Suzan said in London that the Goddess unlike Indonesia, and Suzan loyalty goddess Lukman is ignorance.

Lukman ever arrived in London and find the goddess already have boyfriends bule. Lukman went back to Bali. Her relationship with Putu (Nikita Willy) makes careful Lukman open. Putu is very caring and gentle on Lukman.

While the Goddess finally realized after seeing Sean screwing with Suzan. The goddess ever overtake Lukman from London to Bali. Who will be chosen by Lukman, Putu or Goddess?

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Language: Bahasa indonesia