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Liam dan Laila (2018)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 94 Min

Download Film Liam dan Laila 2018 Nonton Di Filmkeren21 IMDB Inspired by a true story. LAILA (Nirina Zubir) is a highly educated girl who doesn’t seem to mindbeing alone in her early 30s. As an online seller, she is connected to many people from different countries, offering her products in front of the monitor. As a member of a Minangkabau family, she somewhat defies her tradition and common practice by not having married at her age. The family is concerned about the situation. One day, Laila is involved in an intense discussion online with a French man named Liam (JonatanCerrada) about a major incident taking place in the capital of France. The discussion takes Liam from Rouen, a small town in northern France to the Land of Minang, a place in the eastern part of Indonesia. Liam’s arrival brings some kind of ideological conflict into Laila’s big family. Suspicion arises from members of the family who find out that Liam’s intention to marry Laila starts from social media. This complicated condition forces Jamil(David Chalik), one of Laila’s …

Language:Bahasa indonesia