Download Film Perempuan Di Rumah Angker 2012

Perempuan Di Rumah Angker (2012)

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 81 Min

Download Film Perempuan Di Rumah Angker 2012 Begins with the story Erwin who suddenly get a mysterious phone from people he does not know. Initially, Erwin did not respond too much to the phone because he did not know him and assumed that it was only an unrighteous deed against him.

Then the mysterious phone again came to Erwin. Of course Erwin was very disturbed with the phone let alone a mysterious person who calls it without beginning any sudden expressed love to Erwin. Erwin is increasingly unaware of what is really going on.

With all the ratios, it certainly rejects the love statement from the mysterious person. Until then a mysterious figure who calls Erwin said that if Erwin refused his love then his lover, the Karina will be in danger. Apparently, the mysterious figure has managed to kidnap Karina and sip her lover with him. It means that if Erwin refuses to love the mysterious figure, he will be killed.