Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

PG-13Genre: Horror, Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 106 Min
1895 votes, average 6.6 out of 10

Download Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Subtitle Indonesia Film Box Office “insidious: chapter 2” tells the story in 1986, carl (hank harris) to call her friend elise ranier (lindsat seim) to help find what haunts children lorraine lambert (jocelin donahue) named josh (garrett ryan). IMDB After hypnotizing josh, elise trying to find the location of the “friend” josh, an old woman who appeared in a photo of hers. Lorraine, carl, and elise agree that made josh astral projection ability will be forgotten is the best thing that can be done.

Download Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Subtitle Indonesia Film Box Office IMDB Twenty-five years later, the wife of josh (patrick wilson), renai (rose byrne) is questioned by a police detective about the death of elise (lin shaye). Renai and his family then moved to the House of lorraine (barbara hershey). Renai began to witness the weird thing at josh. Josh began to hear the voice of the woman who told him to kill his family in order to stay alive. The next day. Renai saw a woman dressed in white in the living room. Followed by a crying baby, renai then unconscious. Lorraine visit friend elise, namely specs (leigh whannell) and tucker (angus sampson) to find the explanation of the strange events that occur on them.

They called carl (steve coulter) that try to contact elise using dice said. IMDB Through the dice they got the answer to the hospital “our lady of angels”. There is the story of a patient named parker crane (tom fitzpatrick) who try to castrate him and committed suicide a few years ago. In her wedding gown and found newspaper clippings about the killer “the bride black”. A killer who kidnapped and killed several people while wearing women.

Download Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Subtitle Indonesia Film Box Office IMDB Lorraine asked renai and her children away from josh. Carl come try treating josh, but he concluded that carl knew he possessed by parker and attacked him. Specs and a hotel sign in to help. Carl wakes up as a spirit, he met up with josh. They together went to the further to seek elise.

Download Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Subtitle Indonesia Film Box Office IMDB In the real world, josh who was possessed by invading lorraine parker and renai. He tried to strangle renai but struck by dalton. Renai and her children fled to a room below. Dalton was asleep and went back to the further to save his father. In the further, josh, carl, and elise went into the home of parker. There they see mother parker, michelle, being rude to her as a child. Michelle raised him as a girl, marilyn called him. Michelle then directly be rude if he acts like a man or mention her parker. Parker kills his victims by order of his mother’s spirit.

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