Kembar 5 (2015)

Genre: Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 90 Min

For the sake of her mother’s treatment, Gendis works at a night club as DJ. Moreover, the mother has to be rushed to hospital due to critical condition. The hospital’s deposit fee is exorbitant. Gendis’ friend, Deborah, Brenda, and Galuh, suggest that she sells herself to Mr Pulung. Gendis would never sell herself. However they create a situation that makes Gendis ‘do’ it with Mr Pulung involuntarily. Gendis brings a lot of money to the hospital to pay the deposit. But, her mother dies. This is the second time she gets psychological hit. The first was when she was a child. Her mother was often tortured by his father. And she saw her father committed suicide.

Jagad, Gendis’ boyfriend, still accepts Gendis as it is. He asks her to leave the her night work, and accept his proposal which is held in a villa with her three friends. In the evening the tragic event occurs. Gendis is watching Deborah killed by a woman dressed in white and has similar face to her. Because Deborah corpse is missing, all disbelief with what Gendis said. They believe Deborah returns to Jakarta. Jagad goes to Jakarta to ascertain whether Deborah is really at home or not.

The second night, Gendis watchs Brenda and Galuh killed by other woman but has also similar face to Gendis. The murder is seen by Usep, Dede and Kendar, youths of the village. When they are going to tell the police, they meet Jagad who comes back from Jakarta. Jagad does not believe that the killer is Gendis, because he just receives SMS from Gendis that the killer is a womsn who is similar to Gendis.

Gendis now believes what is always said by her granny, that she was born quintuplets in one placenta: Kakang Kawah, Kakang Mbarep, Wuragil and Adi Ari-ari. Gendis is sure that they is willing to kill her ond the others one by one. Gendis again witnesses Jagad persecuted by other women whose face is similar to her. Dying Jagad is brought to the pickup. Gendis jumps into the car. When the car crash, Gendis deals with the woman. When Gendis tries to kill her to save Jagad, he stabs Gendis.

Tagline:Sedulur Papat, Lima Pancer…
Language:bahasa indonesia