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Slender Man (2018)

PG-13Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 93 Min
23 votes, average 4.1 out of 10

Horror movies not only in domestic production, but production-production foreign horror films are also not less interesting. Many titles as well as a Storyboard that you can enjoy to watch with your family or your friends one of them namely Slenderman.

The movie this one is a very good movie that could have been a spectacle of you to list this year. For those of you who are curious with Slenderman and want to read a synopsis of the film you can see Slenderman brought it.

Slenderman film is one of the films that will be on the schedule release on August 24, 2018 in the United States. Movies directed by by Sylvain White and supported by outstanding player i.e. like Joey King, Julia Goldanu Telles, Annalise Basso, Jaz Sinclair, Talitha Bateman and also Javier Botet ready to cheer for the big screen in the year 2018.

King will play a role as a teenager named Wren. The girl who earlier this year of birth 1999 indeed never starred in a few movies such as Kissing Booth, White House Down and also Conjuring The horror film. The script of the film was written by David Birke of a character Eric Knudsen called genuine that is Victor Surge.

Earlier in 2009, Suger have been spreading a picture of meme Slenderman on a forum Something Awful which is described as the human form, thin, high and without a face and wearing a black suit.

The story of this fond Slenderman stalking his victims so as to create a deep trauma especially for children. So, it’s no wonder that this raised to Slenderman character in a film, for those of you who are still curious with this Slenderman and want to read a synopsis of the film Slenderman, you can simply read it below.

Synopsis Slenderman (2018)
Where this film deals with a group of teenagers who were trying to investigate the mystery of the figure of the Slinderman after one of the friends of them disappeared suddenly, and they are also in is haunted by Slinderman itself.

The main target of this Slinderman are children teenagers and small children also. Therefore, one of a group of teenage friends have been lost and in the Slinderman by culik so they wanted to find out the whereabouts of their friends.

One day, the girls are also doing a ritual to dispel fear and trust towards the figure of Slinderman. But unfortunately, after they perform the ritual of the girls that were in the Group lost one by one in a mysterious way.

How very interesting, isn’t it? Well, for those of you who want to see and watch this movie don’t miss the release date was August 24, 2018. Not only that, there’s another interesting thing contained in the Slinderman films, namely the taking of set of images in multiple locations such places in the forest, a mental hospital even to the grave so that adds to the curiosity will film this one.

This is indeed a Slinderman figure a figure that was terrible so consider just hallucinations due to kegilaannya and it turns out he was really stalking the older teenagers and young children to serve as their victims.

While waiting for the release of the film Slinderman you can read a synopsis of the film Slinderman in advance so you can figure out how to keseruan and keasikan will be the story of the horror film. Enjoy!

Tagline: Can you see him?
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Language: English
Budget: $ 10.000.000,00
Revenue: $ 11.817.275,00